How Get Five Star Reviews Works

Once you have signed up with us we will do the setup for you. Then we proceed with an online meeting to train you how to use the online control panel, make changes and how to view the powerful weekly, monthly and quarterly performance reports. You can access your control panel on desktop computers, tablets and most smartphones.

When ready to request feedback and reviews from your customers all you have to do is login to your dashboard and just click on the [ADD CUSTOMER] button to quickly start the process.

Add New Customer

After you type in the customer's first name, last name and either their email address or smartphone number (to send a text message) click the ADD button and you are done!!  You can also track customers by their Job IDs as well.

The system will then fire off the email or SMS text message automatically to your customer.

What you customer will receive in an email is something like this below, but personalized for your business.

Yes, you can replace my mug shot with your own photo.  :-)

If they don't respond within a certain time period (setup by you), such as 2 days the system will send out a second request for feedback.

If they do click the [GIVE FEEDBACK] button they will be sent to specially designed landing page that will look something like below but customized for your business.

Our system looks at the Net Promoter Score (0 to 10 score) to determine if the customer was truly satisfied. Based on a very positive score response your customer will be quickly routed to another page when they click [Submit Feedback] where they are encouraged to please leave an review for your business on one o more of the major review websites.

See also: Understanding The Net Promoter Score

You have your choice of what online review websites you want to include in the above page. we offer over 40 review websites to choose from.

Note: You must already have your business setup on the review website you want to add in order for us to use that website. At this time we are not allowed to automatically link to Yelp.

If the consumer leaves you a low Net Promoter Score then the automatically see the below web page to further explain what you might have done wrong which allow businesses the chance to get the feedback and hopefully correct the problems before they decide to post a negative review online.

customer feedback

Consumer responses and online reviews automatically fire emails to you so you know what is said. 

You also setup for you powerful performance reports that you can elect to view in your personal control panel of emailed to you on a regular basis. 

So you now have an easy, pro-active way to gather valuable feedback from your past customers and encourage satisfied customers to lead you positive reviews which is a powerful marketing strategy to help convert online local shoppers into new leads for your business.