Webstream Dynamics' Five Star Store Reviews?

Five Star Store Reviews is a program offered by John Simonson, owner of Webstream Dynamics who has been developing websites and digital marketing solutions for flooring retailers nationwide and other small businesses for over 20 years.

My goal has never been to be the biggest, just the best and my reputation proves it. I help retailers effectively use the latest digital marketing strategies to drive both online and offline sales through multiple online channels.

John Simonson, the owner of Webstream Dynamics has conducted numerous seminars to help retailers leverage the Internet for Mohawk University, World Floor Covering Association, Surfaces, SEMA, Coverings, as well as a columnist for Flooring Covering Weekly magazine and a regular on TalkFloor radio. I have also developed hundreds of flooring store websites including some very elaborate e-commerce websites. Plus, in the past I have done web development for Mohawk Industries, FCW, WFCA, and many others.

Building Trust Through Positive Consumer Reviews

Most people today rely on online store reviews as much as word of mouth. Since many people use reviews to learn the pros and cons about products and services it is a natural carry over to use consumer reviews to help select which local businesses to visit and buy from. The more genuine online customer testimonials a business has the more likely consumers reading those reviews will become new leads.

Get Customer Reviews That Drive Sales

Online positive customer reviews can have a profound effect on turning prospects into new leads. Positive reviews not only builds trust but can also have a positive effect on your local search engine placement. Plus, if you have lots of great 5 star reviews and someone decides to you leave you a negative review it will have very little effect on business overall rating. Most people are less likely to believe a business with all 5 star review ratings. It's okay to not always shine with 5 star reviews and ratings.

Stand Out Online In Local Search

We does local business online audits to make sure your business is listed correctly across all the major online business directories. Our system also helps you encourage and get more great online reviews from your happy customers which also helps your business stand out more in local search.

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Here is what Google says about how to improve local rankings: "High-quality, positive reviews from your customers will improve your business’s visibility and increase the likelihood that a potential customer will visit your location."

Positive Customer Testimonials Generates More Leads

In today’s digitally connected world, positive customer reviews from your Promoters is critical for converting future shoppers into new buyers. At the same time, bad reviews can persuade others to not use your services OR dissuade others from using your services. Worse still, chances are you have no idea how much business you stand to lose! OR you’ve already lost!

Better Understand Your Customers

Through our Net Promoter Score your customers tell you about what they thought of their experience. This gives business owners great insights into measuring the business's overall level of experience through your customer's feedback. Most small businesses just guess about how their customer's feel about their products and services which is why so many small businesses fail or struggle to grow. Take the guess work out of it with and learn to better understand your customers.

Up-To-Date Customer Reviews

Studies show most shoppers don't view online customer testimonials that are older than 3 months are reliable. So it is important to keep encouraging your customers to post reviews after the work is completed.

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